Who We Are

The Youth and Young Adult division is composed of
9 staff members (6 conduct street outreach to youth ages 14 through 26).

Kevin Brown, J.D.
Community Services Manager

(847) 442-8042

2016 Recipient of the Evanston MashUp “Evanston/Northwestern Catalyst Award” (for the Northwestern/Evanston Skilled Trades Training Program)
2016 Recipient of the Weissbourd-Holmes Family Focus Center “Those Who Make a Difference Award”

Manages the Youth and Young Adult Division and the development and coordination of activities and agency collaborations that are devoted to the welfare and development of youth and young adults. He promotes partnerships between the City, local businesses, and community-based agencies to provide opportunities that enhance youth and young development. His staff actively engages “opportunity youth” in the community through job training and placement, alternative education programs, recreational activities, and civic engagement projects.

Porschia Davis, M.A.
Youth & Young Adult Program Coordinator

(847) 448-8049

2016 Recipient of the “Chicago Scholars 35 Under 35 Young Leaders Making an Impact Award”

Manages and coordinates the Youth and Young Adult signature programs, the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program that regularly employs hundreds of youth year-round. She works with community partners to execute the division mission and programming to increase educational and employment awareness and opportunities.

Nathan Norman
Youth & Young Adult Assistant Program Coordinator
Outreach Worker Supervisor
(847) 448-8138

“I use street outreach as a platform to connect youth to community resources and opportunities that they don’t always know are available. I strive to model excellence. I am dedicated to increasing the quality of life for all of Evanston’s young people” 

Lachisa Barton
Youth & Young Adult Outreach Worker

(847) 866-5089

“I relate to the youth and assess their needs while building a relationship based on trust and respect. I empower youth to have a voice and teach them how to use that voice to effective communicate with their parents and other adults. I love advocating for youth and being a listening ear when needed”

Stacey Moragne Sr.
Youth & Young Adult Outreach Worker

(847) 866-5085

2014 Recipient of the UIC Jane Addams College of Social Work “Community Achievement Award”

“I believe that the transformation of my life, the fact that people can see actual change, gives hope to others. I have impacted the community in a positive way by helping ex-offenders
re-enter society through expunging or sealing their criminal records,
which allows them a second change at a productive life”

Jermey McCray
Youth & Young Adult Outreach Worker

(847) 418-1034

“I became an outreach worker to connect with kids like myself. I work to inspire kids to improve their chances of becoming something positive, ignoring the negative influences of the streets. The City of Evanston’s outreach team provides positive outlets for at-risk kids”

Deanna Howlett
Youth & Young Adult Outreach Worker

(847) 448-8194

“As an outreach worker, I’m in a unique position to serve my community by helping youth realize their own potential and ability to make a change despite adversity. My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in our young people’s lives so that they can then pass that positive influence to their peers. Leaders build leaders”

Sharon Johnson
Business Diversity Compliance Officer

(847) 448-8104